Usage in Context is measured in three different metrics:

Depending on your Context subscription plan, you have different limits for these metrics that are reset once per month. To view your limits, and how much usage you've accrued, go to your Workspace Settings page, and click "Billing".

Query Credits

Every time a query to your bot is made, it uses Query Credits.

  • For GPT-3.5 it costs 1 Query Credit per response
  • For GPT-4 it costs 20 Query Credits per response

Learn more about the GPT models here.


Documents represent the data that is fed to your bot to train it. Each plan has a different number of maximum documents that is allotted. If you try to upload a source that has more documents in it than is permitted on your plan, you will be prompted to upload your plan.


Syncs are the process of refreshing your sources to include their most recent content. You are allotted a certain number of manual syncs per month, and if you attempt to go over the number allocated in your plan, you will be prompted to upgrade.