Everything you do in Context takes place in your workspace. It's the central hub where your bots and data live. You can see the name of the workspace you're currently using by viewing the top of the left-side navigation.

To adjust the settings of your workspace, click the Settings button in the left-side navigation.

You'll be taken to the Workspace settings, and you'll also see some tabs in the top-nav bar that will allow you to get to other settings pages. The different navigational options are:


On the Worksapce settings page, you can adjust the name of your workspace, an optional description, and upload a logo for your workspace as well.


On the Team page, you can add or remove teammates for your workspace. To add a teammate, click the "Add Member" button. To remove one, click the trash icon next to their contact information.


In the billing page, you can view your usage limits, upgrade your subscription, and cancel your subscription.

To upgrade your subscription, click the Upgrade Subscription button.

To cancel your subscription, click the "Manage Subscription" button.