Inviting Teammates

Inviting Teammates

You have the option to extend an invitation to team members to join your workspace, empowering them with the ability to create bots, oversee queries, and perform all the tasks that you can.

To extend an invitation, select the "Invite Team" button located on the left-side navigation panel. This action prompts a modal, where you can input your teammate's email address. Fill in their name and click "Invite."

Your teammate will receive an invitation email containing instructions on how to sign up. By adhering to these instructions, they can join your organization.

In addition to the invitation email, the invitee will be prompted to join your organization the next time they log into Context or immediately after they create an account for the first time. Thus, even if the invitation email gets lost or is intercepted by a spam filter, they can still join your organization by either logging into Context or creating a new account using the email address that received the invitation.


Please note that by default, every new user is granted admin permissions. Therefore, it is recommended to only invite individuals whom you trust with complete access to the platform.