Quick Start

Quick Start

In this guide, we will guide you through setting up your Context account, creating a bot, and testing it.

Starting with Context is a breeze; it takes less than 5 minutes and requires no credit card. The free plan allows for up to 100 documents (opens in a new tab), and also provides you with 50 query credits (opens in a new tab) to test your bot, making Context accessible to everyone at no cost.

Create your Context account

Click here (opens in a new tab) and follow the simple registration process by entering an email and password, or using Sign in with Google or Linkedin.

Select data type

At present, Context supports data import from:

  • YouTube
  • Websites

Learn more about data types by clicking here.

Enter the data source

Copy and paste the link to your data in the provided input field.


Please note, not all links are compatible. For instance, YouTube links must be playlists or channels; individual video links are currently unsupported.

Activate your bot

Click the "Looks good" button to bring your bot to life. It will begin syncing immediately and should be ready in approximately 5 minutes.


Please note, if your document count exceeds the 100-document limit at this stage, you will be prompted to upgrade to a paid Context plan.


Once the syncing process is complete, you'll be invited to interact with your bot. Try asking a few queries to see how it responds.

Bot Dashboard

After this, you'll be directed to your bot's dashboard. Here, you can monitor queries, install the bot, and customize your bot's settings.